Last Day with C&EN

Today I say goodbye to an awesome gig as an intern for Chemical & Engineering NewsIt’s been an incredible experience, but I’m looking forward to my next chapter writing for the National Institutes of Health.CWMwm-2WsAE-4OL


If These Researchers Are Right, Life On Earth Started Earlier Than Once Thought

Check out my latest and very last feature story for Chemical & Engineering News on how some controversial evidence that turned up in a 4.1 billion year old zircon gemstones is stirring debate among geochemists about the origin of life.


Happy (Belated) Halloween!

I’m a few days late, but there’s never a bad time to learn about the science of all things spooky. In my C&EN’s latest Speaking of Chemistry, I discuss the chemistry behind legendary creeps like mummies, ghosts, and vampires.

And I must say–I’m particularly proud of this one because it was recently featured on a UFO-themed news site. Now that’s interplanetary recognition.


Cow Chemistry: How A New Cattle Feed Additive May Help the Environment

My latest piece for Chemical & Engineering News touches on one of my favorite topics: cows! But you don’t have to have a Heifer obsession like myself to appreciate this research; Penn State agricultural scientists added a compound to cattle feed that reduced their methane output. Because methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, this could be one more tool to combat climate change.