Traditional Burial Alternatives: Kicking the Bucket the Green Way

by Grace Raver, Cody Sullivan, and Judith Lavelle If you’re anything like us, this week’s wintry forecast probably has you thinking about two things: the ecological integrity of our fragile planet and the inevitable unraveling of our fragile human existence. So why not learn more about both by watching this informative and entertaining video on environmentally-friendly traditional burial alternatives?

Upset you weren’t accosted on the street by our very own Cody Sullivan? Put in your two cents about the big sleep by taking our four-question survey. As of today, the results are as follows: dying today   ever heard of   what would you do

Below are our top-five favorite responses of alternative methods we didn’t even think of…

5. “Simple no-coffin burial in unmarked plot. Seedlings tucked inside body wrapping (linen). Launch body with trebuchet to hit grave.”

4. “Chopped up and carried off by Tibetan vultures.”

3. “Displayed prominently in Macy’s window.”

2. “Stuffed and Mounted?”

and last but not least…

1. “Ashes mixed with clay/porcelain used to make hundreds of Precious Moments™ figurines.”